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Great idea need landing, gear as well as WINGS. We are here to help and guide you to make your idea land If your idea is good and feasible/practicable, IUThink will provide necessary help and give life to your theoretical idea or thought a practical/physical shape.

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IUThink conducts various technological and fun filled events to improve your skills in your interested areas

About iUThink

Why our team??Who We Are??

Are you someone, who have a Technical idea.... And stuck somewhere? Want to share with others? Want some help/suggestion?.... But don't know where to go?.... iuThink is your solution, it bridges the gap between your Technical queries and help you in giving your thought a physical shape.

iuThink is a social networking website to bring together students and educators/instructors under one tree. iuThink provides a platform for students/learners to discuss Technological and Educational related ideas, share your thoughts, clear your doubts, get help and suggestions to enhance your ideas and thoughts from other learners and educators.

iuThink also gives an exposure to events like Technical fests, paper presentation, workshops etc taking place around, where you get a chance to enhance/improve and prove your skill or talent.

If your idea is good and feasible/practicable, iuThink will provide necessary help and give life to your theoretical idea or thought a practical/physical shape.

iuThink also organizes seminars by industry experts and Idea meet ups to discuss ones ideas and thoughts on a live stage.

We Are Young!!

We Are Motivated!!

We Are Fun!!

We Are Edutainers!! 

Companies supporting iUThink:

1. Kreayotoo Solutions Private Limited

2. Alex Exports and Imports



Innovative Thinking
Good portal for students to look into different trends & latest happening in the industry.
Karunakar Kavuri
Asst. Professor
Useful portal to students in order to enhance their skills. To clarifying their doubts related to academic subjects and to implement innovative ideas. Wish you All the best to all Learners.

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